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Our Story

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Select Encompass Credit Union has been providing banking services to the community for over 60 years.

We offer all the traditional banking products and services that you have come to expect, whilst keeping abreast of the latest technological advances in banking. These principles have ensured that our members continue to benefit from an ever changing banking environment whilst being offered the best possible service.

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When you join Select Encompass Credit Union you'll enjoy the benefits of belonging to a mutual banking organisation. The benefits of becoming a member include: equally sharing in the success of the organisation through competitive rates, minimal fees and exceptional customer service. Unlike a major bank, we are not a publicly listed company and as such do not have a financial responsibility to shareholders. This differentiating factor is yet another benefit of belonging to a mutual and clearly highlights our one and only objective of increasing the value we offer to our members and their local communities.

At Select Encompass, we have taken our corporate social responsibility to a new level and this is something we are proud of. This includes tailoring products and services to assist in the financial education and growth of the youth and young adult sector, facilitating community initiatives in the local areas surrounding our branches as well as upholding our international social responsibility with the direct support of financial development projects in Laos and Bhutan.

Select Encompass understands that we all play a part in preserving our environment and we look forward to continually improving our efforts in this field whilst maintaining our position as our members’ preferred banking institution. For more information, view our Sustainability Report.

Our History

1953 Transport Credit Union was established. Name changed to Motor Transport Employees' Credit Union.
1963 The Sydney County Council Employees' Credit Union was established for employees of Sydney County Council (now Ausgrid) and their families.
1966 Railways Staff Credit Union opens for business.
1991 Railways Staff Credit Union merged with Transport Credit Union, name change to Transrail Credit Union.
1994 The Sydney County Council Employees Credit Union members voted on a resolution to open up to the public. Name changed to Select Credit Union.
1997 Transrail Credit Union changes its name to Encompass Credit Union to reflect a move to open it's bond to the general community.
1998 Encompass Credit Union merged with Raleigh Park Employees' Credit Union.
2000 Encompass Credit Union merged with Waverley Bus Depot Employees' Credit Union.
2001 Select Credit Union relocates its head office from the Sydney CBD to a 5 star energy rated building in Sydney Olympic Park.
2009 Select Credit Union merged with CSR-Rinker Employees Credit Union.
2012 Select Credit Union merged with MemberFirst Credit Union and rebranded to Select Mutual Banking.
2013 Select Credit Union merged with Tartan Credit Union.
2014 Select Credit Union relocated the Revesby Branch to a brand new premises within the Revesby Village Centre. In branch banking via tablet was launched.
2015 Select and Encompass Credit Unions opened a brand new branch in Hamilton which was renovated to accommodate wheelchair access. In branch banking via tablet was also launched.
2015 Select and Encompass Credit Union's Mobile App was launched for Apple and Android Users. Tap and Pay was launched for Android users.
2015 Select and Encompass Credit Union launched a Kick Start Saver account providing a savings platform as well as financial education for children and youth.
2016 At SGM's held in April & May, Select Credit Union and Encompass Credit Union members vote to merge.
2016 From July 1, Select Credit Union and Encompass Credit Union merge and become Select Encompass Credit Union Ltd.

Our Mission

To satisfy members' needs and expectations with quality financial services.

Our Vision

We aim to be our members' first choice for the provision of financial services.

Our Values

The difference between banks and Select Encompass Credit Union is that everything we do is specifically designed to enhance the financial well-being of our members. We want to leave you more money in your pocket!

We are member-owned, which means we are a democratic organisation totally focused on your needs. Once you're a member, you are entitled to an equal say in the running of Select Encompass, you have the right to vote at Annual General Meetings and for the election of Board Directors - you can even stand for a position on the Board!

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