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keep the body and the books balanced this party season

When the weather warms up so does our social life. The days are longer and the lure of the outdoors beckons us with its sunshine and mild evenings. From now until the end of the year it is party central, with work Christmas parties, gatherings with buddies and family reunions. The energy of summer is one of expansion and connecting with others. Picnics in the park, days out at the beach, lots of BBQs and parties into the night – you will be flitting from one gathering to the next like a moth from lantern to light globe.

But lots of parties often equals lots of money leaking out of our pocket towards drinks, new outfits and gifts – and if we’re not careful can also mean lots of hangovers too.

Here are some easy tips to stay in balance this party season: 

  • Don’t feel you have to drink when you go out - Guaranteed to be a money and liver saver!  Go out for dinner with your buddies and instead of going clubbing afterwards why not sit in a café and have a hot chocolate and share a piece of cake and some gossip with your best buds instead?
  • Filling your belly before you go out for an evening of partying means you don’t have to buy dinner while you’re out, and you’ll be more able to manage your alcohol intake and be less seedy the next day – bonus!
  • Having a glass of wine or a beer in the comfort of your home before you head out for a night on the town will also keep you feeling merry without the need to empty your wallet on overpriced pub drinks.  
  • If hosting a party or dinner make sure you provide plenty of non-alcoholic options too, like iced tea and juice for those not drinking, or for the hipster crowd, how about coconut water or kombucha? Inivte your your guests to BYO a bottle of wine to share and keep water jugs and other options flowing to keep everyone hydrated.  
  • A couple of champers or beers on Christmas day or at a party is certainly acceptable. But it is very easy to overdo it this time of year, and a bad hangover or an argument with a loved one can often result after a few too many.  Know your limits and keep yourself hydrated (with non alcoholic fluids) during parties and gatherings. Aim to alternate water with alcohol throughout the night.
  • Always have food in your stomach before drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t always go for the unhealthy snacks at parties, head towards the fruit, veggie sticks and hommus and salads to get a balance.
  • A glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in the morning before a big party night will help to give your liver a kick start and ready for the abuse you hurl in its direction.
  • Coconut water is a great rehydrating option for a hangover, it has loads of nutrients like potassium and electrolytes to help replenish what you've lost and give you back your mojo.
  • A slice of vegemite toast has a nice boost of vitamin B which gets lost after drinking, team it with a couple of soft boiled eggs and you have a winning protein rich combination for a queasy belly.

Hopefully these tips will see you having fun without too many headaches.  What ever you get up to this party season, take care and have fun!