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Buying your first property is a big life decision. We think the most important thing to offer a first home buyer is support and information and hence we are dedicated to being with you every step of the way to make the process as straight forward and stress-free as possible. We will explain to you the process and requirements at every turning point of the process so you are well aware and ready to make an informed decision when it comes to buying your property and you will have a dedicated staff member to refer to any anytime. Whether you have only just started thinking about it or you are ready to purchase your first home, we are able to offer you the resources, products and expertise to assist you on this journey and this is something we have been doing for our members for over 60 years.

It's never too early to have the chat!

Even if you feel that buying a property is still a long way off for you, we are still more than happy to talk you through the process and offer you some guidance which may help to set you on the right path.

View our Home Buyer Guide for more information on the process of buying a home including some handy hints and tips.

Ready to buy?

If you are ready to buy, we can offer you a fast approval so when the right property comes up that ticks all the boxes, you are in a position to purchase straight away

What options are available to me?

We have a number of options that are tailor made to assist first home buyers get into the market including:

  • First Home Buyers Loan - which offers a reduced rate for two years to any first home buyer purchasing their first home or investment property.
  • Family Helper Home Loan - which can assist you if you don’t have a large deposit saved up or you’re short on funds to make the purchase.

Talk to us today! Contact us on 1300 13 14 20 or email us today at, we are here to help

Find out more about our home loan products

  What documents do we require?

We will be able to give you a pre-approval as soon as have completed the loan application, however start getting the following document together as they will be required in order to obtain a full approval:

Evidence of income:

  • Copies of your last two pay slips
  • Copies of the last two Taxation Notice of Assessments (If self-employed)

Evidence of residence:

  • If you’re a current home owner, a copy of your current rates notice
  • If renting, a copy of tenant ledger report or lease agreement
  • If boarding, a statement from your landlord/ family member confirming how long you have been at the address and any amount you pay them

Evidence of commitments (what you owe):

  • If you have a current home loan, copies of your last full home loan statement
  • If you have any credit cards, a copy of your last full statement
  • If you have any other loans or commitments, a copy of the last full statement of each of these

Evidence of savings:

  • A copy of the most recent full statement of your savings account