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ARA Rail Freight Conference

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Select Encompass Credit Union were exhibitors at the inaugural ARA Freight Conference held in Sydney on August 17th and 18th.

Over 160 people attended the conference to listen to the expert speakers from the Rail Industry, among the keynote speakers were the Hon. Anthony Albanese, Minster for blur blur blur.

Select Encompass Credit Union were started by the employees in the Rail and Transport Industry in 1953 designed to help each other with savings and loans, today we are still about people helping people.

It was a great event and it gave us the opportunity to meet our existing members and create new friends, until the next one.



Select Encompass Member Survey Results

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Thank you to all members that participated in the member survey completed in May. The board, management and staff of Select Encompass try very hard to provide our members with the best financial products and service available. To ensure that we are on the right track, the member survey allows members to have their say and we are pleased to report that 2,216 members responded.

The overall results were pleasing with almost nine in ten members satisfied with the way Select Encompass is performing. Although only approximately half of the members surveyed had visited a branch in the past 3 months, 96% were satisfied with their in-branch experience. The reduction in branch activity appears to be attributed to the increased use of our free internet banking facility (91% of respondents use it), as well as the free mobile phone app which allow members to perform banking transactions on the go 24/7. 

Although still relatively new, the Kick Start Saver children’s high interest savings account also proved popular with 27% of respondents already aware of this account, and a further 19% intending to tell their children or grandchildren about it. 

Members were less knowledgeable about Select Encompass’ recent involvement in setting up a charitable foundation called the Australian Mutuals Foundation.  However, 64% of members believe that it is important that Select Encompass supported important charitable causes. 

Although the majority of the results were positive, Select Encompass knows that there is always work to be done. We look forward to continuing to work towards improving the products, services and member experiences across the organisation to maintain a vision of being our members first choice for the provision of financial services.


Australasian Rail Industry Awards

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The Australasian Rail Industry Awards aim to recognise the outstanding individual and company achievements in the rail industry. Select Encompass are proud to be a part of the transport family aswell as a member of the ARA (Australasian Rail Association). This is the third year we are sponsoring the event. Proceeds from the Australasian Rail Industry Awards go towards the TrackSAFE Foundation, a registered Harm Prevention Charity established by the industry to reduce near collisions, injuries and fatalities on the rail network resulting from suicide and reckless behaviour.

An Australasian Rail Industry Award nomination goes a long way. What better way to:

  • Thank an employee for their commitment and dedication to your company?
  • Show someone you acknowledge their achievements?
  • Promote a company for its leadership in innovation?
  • Have a product or service recognised nationally by industry leaders?



The outstanding achievers awards have been announced during the Gala Dinner. The award categories and winners are as follows: 

  • Career Achievement Award - Ben Lombardo, Speno Rail Maintenance
  • Customer Service Award - Metro Trains Melbourne
  • Employee Engagement Award - NSW TrainLink
  • Frank Franklyn Young Rail Specialist Award (RTAA) - James Donovan, Metro Trains Melbourne
  • Freight Rail Excellence Award - KiwiRail 
  • Innovation and Technology Award - Sydney Trains 
  • Permanent Way Institution Young Achiever Award (PWI) - Rebecca Coffey, Lycopodium
  • Safety Award - Australian Rail Track Corporation
  • Systems Engineering Award (IRSE) - Zdenka Wright, Metro Trains Melbourne
  • TrackSAFE Award - NSW TrainLink 
  • Workforce Diversity Award - Brookfield Rail 
  • Young Rail Professional Award (RTSA) - Gordon Baulch, Metro Trains Melbourne 

Australasian Railway Association (ARA) Chief Executive Officer, Danny Broad congratulated all of the winners for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the rail industry. 



ATO warns scam risk super-high at tax time

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The Tax Office is warning about an increased number of scammers out in force at this time of year, as a surprising number of Australians fall victim to them. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is warning Australians to stop and think before giving their personal details, or even their money, to anyone.

"The scammers are clever," the ATO's Kath Anderson said. "Lately they've been imitating ATO phone numbers and projecting them onto caller ID. It's called 'spoofing' and it's designed to make you think that it's the ATO calling you."

Nearly 50,000 scams were reported to the ATO between July and October last year, with a five-fold increase from January to May this year. The ATO has registered more than 17,000 scams this year alone. 113 Australians have handed over $1.5 million dollars to fraudsters, while 2500 people have given out some form of personal information, including tax file numbers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Delia Rickard said it was becoming more and more common. "This is happening all the time, every day," she said. "Last year between scamwatch at the ACCC and ACORN there was over $300 million in losses reported from scams,"

The ATO's advice is to be aware of what personal information you share, and to keep devices secure by changing passwords regularly and keeping anti-virus software up to date. Accounting service H&R Block's Mark Chapman said it should be obvious when a call is not from the ATO. "The ATO does occasionally call people but they will never ever use threatening tactics to get money out of you," he said. "If anybody does that, it's a scam,"

Filing a tax return could be complicated, especially if English isn't a first language and Mr Chapman says some translation may be required in order to properly file a tax return. "The tax return itself has to be lodged in English, and any supporting documents that you have for deductions and so on, that also has to be in English, so you might have to get some translation done if you actually want to claim some tax deductions," he said.

Anyone who needs help, or who thinks they or someone they know has been scammed, should contact the ATO on 1800 008 540.



Transport Life & Leisure BBQ

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Select Encompass is excited to attend The NSW Railyway Institute Inc. event on the 1st of July. All current railways and ex-railway workers are invited to attend a BBQ regardless of where you worked in the railways. Come and join us in the re-establishment of the Newcastle Railway Institute with your railway family. Join in with your family and make your community great again through fun and friendship.

Where: - Lambton Bowling Club
When: - 1 July 2017 @ 10:00 to 16:00pm 
RSVP: - 24 June 2017 

For the Newcastle Railway Institute, Lambton Bowling Club will be the home for all your functions, the place for families and friends to meet.

Social commitments for the Institute include:
SPORTS:  Soccer, Rugby League, Cricket, Fishing, Shooting, Billiards, Lawn Bowls, Swimming, Ten Pin Bowling and Railway Institute Band. Transport Life & Leisure has opportunities for sporting club members to compete against other members from interstates and overseas. 
FAMILY ACTIVITIES: Railway picnics and Family Fun Days and fund raising for local and community charities
BENEFITS:  Shopping discounts with local and national suppliers, Holiday accommodation at member’s rates

Representatives from Transport Life & Leisure (Railway Institute), Select Encompass Credit Union, R&T Health and the Rail Bus and Tram Union will be on hand to answer any of your questions. 

For more information, contact SHANE 0438 070 209 or PAUL 0414 213 001 from The NSW Railway Institute.


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