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SMS One Time Passwords (OTP)

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What is SMS OTP?

SMS One Time Passwords is an extra level of security on your Internet Banking and is only required when performing the following functions:

  • Adding a new payee
  • Updating your contact detail
  • Modifying an existing payee or payment
  • Updating or resetting password details

The SMS OTP is a unique code which is sent to your nominated mobile phone via text message (SMS).

SMS One Time Passwords FAQ

As part of our ongoing commitment to member security and safety we are introducing SMS One Time Passwords (OTP) to our internet banking.

SMS OTP will be introduced to Internet banking progressively from the 10th of January 2018 and is compulsory for all new Internet Banking users.

What does this mean for you?

If you have a mobile number associated with an account, you will automatically be registered for SMS OTP and you won't need to do anything.

If we don't have your mobile number, you will be contacted in the coming weeks so that we can update your details and set up your SMS OTP functionality.

How does it work?

The SMS One Time Passwords creates a random temporary six digit code which is sent to your nominated mobile phone. You will be required to enter this six digit code into your internet banking. 

It is important that your mobile number is correct and always up to date.

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If you have any question about SMS OTP, please call 1300 13 14 20, visit our SMS One Time Passwords FAQ section, email or drop in to your local branch and one of your friendly member service officers can hep you.


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