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The Young Saver account offers the following features and benefits:

  • A great tiered interest rate of 3.50% pa on all balances up to $5,000, followed by 2.00% pa for any amount between $5,001 & $10,000
  • No account keeping fees
  • No minimum monthly deposits
  • Available to children and youths 0-17 years of age

A birth certificate and medicare card of the child is required to open the account.

The Young Saver can be used as a tool to teach your child about the fundamentals of money, helping to establish good habits for saving and spending. Not only is the Young Saver a wonderful product with an impressive interest rate, what makes this account really valuable is all the additional benefits your child will receive.  The Young Saver is not an account opened in trust but the child's very own account. 

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With a Young Saver you will receive:

  • A savings product with a very competitive interest rate
  • Access to online fun sheets to help your child learn more about money
  • Notifications about special offers and competitions
  • Fee free banking
  • Free cash deposits in branch

Things you should know:

The Young Saver Account is a new children and youth account launched on the 11th of April 2018. The previous children and youth account 'The Kick Start Saver' is no longer available to new applicants. 

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